Friends Honor Miriam Shmueli A”H

Friends of Miriam Shmueli are working to keep her memory inspiring others in their avodas Hashem, via WhatsApp learning groups and a tzedaka fund for financial emergencies.

Since beloved friend, morah, and doula Miriam Shmueli A”H passed away on Iyar 8, a group of her friends have been working non-stop to keep her memory continuing to inspire and encourage others to grow in their learning, davening, mitzvos, and connection to the Rebbe, trying to follow the Rebbe’s perspective of turning a difficult and sad situation into a catalyst for growth, goodness, and kindness.

Unbelievably, as righteous people are able to do after their passing from this world, Miriam’s influence on others has grown exponentially worldwide, now that it’s not limited to her physical presence. Numerous Zoom shiurim have been given l’ilui nishmasa, and hundreds of women and girls learn excerpts of sichos, maamorim, inyonei geulah uMoshiach and halacha lemaaseh every day in what started as a WhatsApp group of just her family and close friends but B”H rapidly blossomed into now many, many groups after limits were reached very quickly.

To reach the maximum number of people, the website is in the works to promote IY”H all what Miriam A”H devoted her life to, trying to bring as much as possible her charisma, warmth, Chassidishkeit, and sincere simcha in sharing Torah, the Rebbe, Chassidus, and Moshiach with women and girls all over world.

Also, in order to promote the chessed Miriam A”H was so well-known for, a fund has been set up to assist families all over who have been financially impacted by Covid-19, in exactly how Miriam, A”H was in her life, when everything was always about doing for others, not herself.

This is a way to help fellow anash pay for essential expenses such as food, housing, medical costs, utilities, credit card bills, etc. in a dignified, quick, efficient, and discrete manner, especially as many families are needing assistance for the first time in their lives, and moratoriums on evictions and other expenses are coming to an end in many states while businesses and employment opportunities are very much lagging…

On this holy day of Gimmel Tammuz, Miriam’s friends and all the people she touched in her short but incredibly fruitful life are joining together to strive to follow in her modern-day example of a true Chassidiste who lived and breathed Torah, Chassidus, the Rebbe’s horaos, and Moshiach every day of her life in an infectious, sincere, and simchasdike manner and request you join us on the WhatsApp group and by giving to the Chessed Fund to be able to add material help to all the spiritual growth for this who need.

May all this be the last mitzvah needed to tip the scale for Moshiach to come right away when everyone will be back begashmiyus, including our beloved friend Miriam Shmueli A”H.

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