Friends Commit to Family of Young Chabad Father

Following the passing of Eli Weissberg, a”h , his friends have mobilized a campaign to ensure his beloved family will be taken care of.

This week, the Chabad world suffered a terrible tragedy with the loss of a young husband and father R’ Elimelech (Eli) Weissberg a”h. R’ Eli was 28 years old when he tragically passed away this past Tuesday. He leaves behind a grieving wife, Hadassah, and two young children, the older one who will be celebrating his upsherin in just two months.

Eli was known by all as the rock of his family, a loving father, dedicated husband and giving friend. His sudden and unexpected loss has sent shock waves throughout the Chabad community in Israel and around the world.

In the wake of the tragic loss, Eli’s friends have committed themselves to care for the family he left behind and have set up a fund to help care for Eli’s children’s long-term expenses. They are launching a Charidy campaign this Sunday to raise 1,000,000 shekel ($275,000+) to create a lasting trust fund that will support the Weissberg family.

You can help relieve some of the family’s difficulties during this painful time as they are forced to move forward without their beloved husband and father.

Top Chabad Rabanim in Israel have encouraged the greater community to participate in this campaign and help support the family. The campaign has been endorsed by rav of Kfar Chabad, Rabbi Meir Askenazi, and the shliach to Rechovot, Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky.

To participate, click here.

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