French Institution Provides Kosher Setting for Chefs in Training

The Prozdor Institute of France enables teens and twenty-somethings to train as pastry chefs in a program that provides Jewish instruction and facilitates ruchniusdik growth.

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The Yeshiva Ohalei Yosef Yitzchak- Prozdor Institute is a diploma-level training program where teenagers and young adults can learn the skills needed to get a job in catering in a Torah-appropriate setting.

The program’s structure includes daily minyanim and shiurim, and farbrengens throughout the year. Students spend time learning from top chefs and caterers, and work as apprentices at kosher pastry shops and caterers.

The participants range in age from 15-30, come from various backgrounds and find themselves in different circumstances. Included in the group are special needs young adults who, through the program, receive tools that help them aquire a steady job and integrate into society.

The courses, which are available for both boys and girls separately, are also an opportunity for participants to practice the halachos related to food preparation, such as separating milchig and fleishig, and hafrashas challah.

At this time, Prozdor is able to accommodate around thirty young and eager learners. However, there are many more who need and would benefit from this program. They are turning to you to help keep this project running, and enable them to accept more applicants.

Their plans for the future include aquiring new, more spacious premises, organizing training for additional skills, and developing projects to help young people who are in crisis or difficult situations.

Please help the further development of Prozdor Insitute by donating to their campaign through Purim day.

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