FREE Distributing Food for the Crown Heights Community

Wednesday 7:00 PM: F.R.E.E. will be distributing boxes of produce including gefilte fish, eggs, grape juice, cottage cheese, challah rolls, and more for Crown Heights families. 


Huge quantity of assembled produce boxes and jumbo watermelons available in the alleyway behind F.R.E.E. 1383 President Street. All are welcome. No questions asked. 

Drive through the alleyway between Raskins Fish and Dry Cleaners on Kingston Avenue between President and Union. Please ENTER ONLY from Kingston to Brooklyn Avenues.

Beginning at 7:00 PM: F.R.E.E. NYC will be distributing the following food items:

Frozen Gefilte Fish, Case of Eggs, Kedem Grape Juice, Mehadrin Cottage Cheese, Challah Rolls, Rice Cakes, Oil, Mandarin Oranges, Baby Corn, Mushrooms, Long Grain Rice, Kemach All Purpose Flour, Tuna Fish, Chick Peas.

To sign up for future distributions, please email your name, address and telephone/WhatsApp number to: [email protected]. Please include how many people are in your household. All names will be held strictly confidential

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