Free Coffee Offered to Halikut Finalists

By reporter

As thousands of Bochurim from all over the world arrive in New York for Yud Shevat, Gombos Bakery and Kingston Bake Shop have offered free coffee to the 220 finalists who have excelled in the Halikut study program.

The bochurim have each studied 290 pages of Likutei Sichos and excelled in all the tests. Later this week, at the second annual Halikut Siyum, they will be tested on the full sefer of cheilek chof hei Likkutei Sichos.

The bochurim will first take a written test on all of the sichos, followed by a chidon with the top few finalists competing for the grand prize of all the Rebbe’s seforim.

This year Reb Yoel Kahn chief choizer of the Rebbe, will be joining the team of judges, along with Rabbi Leibel Shapiro and Rabbi Nachman Schapiro.

The event will conclude with a festive siyum, where the bochurim will hear from Reb Yoel Kahn and Rabbi Eli Nosson Silverberg of Mesivta Chicago. A new video presentation will be shown as well, generously dedicated by Rabbi Moshe Klein of Hasofer.

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