Following Recovery, Rabbi Lazar Resumes Activities

Shaarei Tzedek Chesed Center in Moscow distributed thousands of games and toys to children to strengthen the children’s trust in Hashem and reward them for their stellar behavior during the pandemic.

As the Coronavirus is slowly winding down in Russia, and specifically in Moscow, a special project initiated by Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, is coming to a close as well. One thousand Jewish children in Moscow will be gifted quality games and toys, thanks to the generous contribution of Mr. Nathan Lichtenfeld.

This wonderful initiative was organized at the Shaarey Tzedek Chesed Center in the Marina Roscha neighborhood of Central Moscow. It comes in addition to a plethora of tzedaka projects, chesed, and Bikur Cholim volunteers, which were working nonstop during recent months to assist hundreds and thousands of people who are either indigent, sick, or blessed with large families.

The games and toys that were distributed were meant to encourage and motivate the children to strengthen their trust in Hashem, as well as reward them for their stellar behavior.

In his letter which was attached to the toys, Russia’s Chief Rabbi writes the following:

“These days each of us is struggling with an unusual and unfamiliar situation. We don’t leave our homes, we don’t go to shul or to school, and even to the park or to visit friends. Yet despite all this, I have heard from your parents and dedicated teachers about your exemplary behavior during these days. You are true chassidim, who find the good in any situation and overcome your difficulties with joy and happiness. This is so mainly because you truly believe and trust in Hashem. It is your trust which enables you to be genuinely happy, even in these trying times.

“I am sure that each of you is fulfilling your Jewish mission on a daily basis: davening, giving tzedaka, learning Torah, helping your parents, and of course, adding in Ahavas Yisroel. This unique and challenging period is an opportunity for every boy and girl to spend more time than usual learning with their parents, and also to fulfill the most important mitzvah of Kibud Av Va’em with greater vitality.

“In appreciation for your patience and stellar behavior, and in order to enable you to play with your siblings with greater Ahavas Yisroel, I hereby present you with this game. Use it and enjoy it together with your family members, as you firmly believe in Hashem that very soon he will completely remove all illness from the world, and we will all be able to meet once again in our beloved shul and school which are waiting for us.”

Photography: Levi Nazarov

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