Florida Head Shliach Farbrengs in North Miami Beach

The Miami Beach community joined a Chof Beis Shvat farbrengen hosted by Yeshiva Torah Ohr of North Miami Beach with Shluchim Rabbis Avrohom Korf, Yosef Marlow, Faivish Dalfin, and Immanuel Storfer.

On Monday night, Yeshiva Torah Ohr of North Miami Beach hosted a farbrengen for the bochorim and Miami Community in honor of Chof Beis Shevat, the yartzeit of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka.

Local shluchim including Rabbis Avrohom KorfYosef Marlow, and Faivish Dalfin, and Immanuel Storfer farbrenged until the wee hours of the morning with some 80 participants.    

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