Flash Sale on Mitteler Rebbe’s Sefer

To encourage the learning of Imrei Binah, one member of anash is subsidizing its cost for Shuls, Yeshivos and Chavrusos.

In an effort to promote the study of the Mitteler Rebbe’s Imrei Binah, R’ Meir Shmukler has pledged to subsidize the purchase price of this important work of Chassidus. From 8 Tamuz/July 11 through  7 Elul/September 8th, the price for Imrei Binah will be only $5 when purchased for the purpose of chavrusa or group study.

Imrei Binah is divided into three sections: the Gate of Krias Shema, the Gate of Tzitzis and the Gate of Tefillin, and delves into profound concepts in Chasidut, including the mitzvah of Unity of G-d.

It is a large sefer of 592 pages, with a beautiful new typeset. Imrei Binah usually sells for $34. This is a must-have Sefer for every Chasidish home and shul.

You can order the sefer here or in the kehos store on Kingston ave.

Limit 2 per customer.

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