By Hindy Litvin for Anash.org

Editor’s Note: Last week, towards the end of Shabbos, the girls of LGHS in Chicago had a scare when what turned out to be a homeless person set fire to a pile of rags right outside their dorm. It looked like arson since there was a can of lighter fluid next to the box and the rags. In the end, as mentioned, it was a harmless attempt by a homeless person to warm up in the unseasonably cold Chicago dusk. In light of the many recent arson attacks and attempts people were rightfully frightened into thinking “here goes another one.” In the aftermath, a young girl sat down and penned down a poem.

She was kind enough to share it with our readers.

They try to burn us down
Set flame to our existence
As if that could get rid of us
Get rid of our persistence

They try to leave our beliefs in ashes
Burn it all down to the ground
Not realizing that opposition
Is when our strongest belief is found

What they don’t know is
That really, they’re kindling a spark
Uniting a whole nation
Gathered to banish the dark

A lot of darkness
Is dispelled by only a little light
The flames don’t weaken us
They only strengthen our fight

We take the same weapon
Yet we have a different intent
Rather than bring others down
We use it as a personal ascent

To bring warmth to the world
Each week we light a flame
A moment of tranquility
In a world full of blam

A nation, small but invincible
Protected by the One above
Use all these sparks of hate
To ignite our flames of love

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