Final Week of #Light4Lori Campaign

Since the iniatiation of #Light4Lori, thousands of women and girls have lit Shabbos candles in memory of Lori Kaye OBM. This is the final week of the campaign.

Following the tragic shooting at Chabad of Poway, a campaign was launched to encourage 60,000 women to light Shabbos candles in time for Lori’s shloshim. Thousands of women and girls have already participated in this project; this Shabbos will mark the final week of the campaign.

Lori left behind a legacy of light and positivity. Bringing the mitzva of lighting Shabbos candles to women and girls who may not yet do so is a beautiful way to honor that legacy. N’shei U’bnos Chabad are encouraged to make an extra effort this week to engage in mivtza neshek and to share this campaign far and wide.

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