Final Days to Prevent the NY Yeshiva Crisis

As reported on, the NY State Department of Education is planning on imposing heavy regulations on the hours and the materials taught in yeshiva schools.

The law requires a comment period for citizens to weigh in. The State Education Department must, by law, read and consider every single comment that the public makes during a public comment period. That comment period is the time for us, the tzibbur concerned with the government’s overreach in our Yeshivas, to make our voices heard.

September 2nd, Labor Day, is the last day to comment on the New York State Education Department (SED)’s proposed regulations that subject yeshivas to rigid state oversight, extended secular study hours, and unwanted coursework. 

Whether you live in Monsey or Milwaukee, in Brooklyn or Boston, please share your opinion with the lawmakers who would like to control our private schools. 

Take action TODAY against these overreaching regulations.

Tell the State Education Department today – stay out of our Yeshivas! Email the State Education Department at or text 646.766.1110. 

Take action TODAY against these overreaching regulations.

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