Fathers Join Sons in Yeshiva

Father of students in Oholei Torah’s eighth grade joined their sons on Sunday for a day in Yeshiva.

The Grade eight Division of Oholei Torah sponsored a Father and Son day in Yeshiva on Sunday, Yud Kislev.

The day began with Chassidus shiur followed by shacharis. During a buffet breakfast, Rabbi Zvi Telsner, Rov of the Chabad community from Melbourne, Australia, and a grandfather of one of the talmidim was invited to speak. The fathers then joined their sons in class for a Gemara shiur, and then learned in chavura style.

During recess, a basketball game was played in the Popack gymnasium.

Many of the fathers marveled to see how the yeshiva functions on a regular day and were most inspired by the dedicated staff and hanhala of the division.

The time spent also gave the fathers a much deeper insight into their son’s day in Oholei Torah, and will help them connect and better understand their son’s efforts and growth during this critical year.

Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Menahel of the Mechina division, was most pleased to open the doors, and have the parents involved. “It is a full partnership, as Oholei Torah and the fathers work together to give their sons the very best.”

Rabbi Yossi Bryski, Assistant Principal, assisted in coordinating the event, and has been involved with many extracurricular activities benefitting the 8th-grade talmidim.

Rabbi Wilhem also thanked the rebbeim of 8th grade, Rabbis Yehuda Aharonson, Levi Borenstein, Levi Feldman, Asher Oster, Chaim Dovid Wolvovsky, Yehoshua Korenblitt, Sholom D. Geisinsky for their hard work and efforts.

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