“Farbrengen in a Box” a Big Hit in London

Heichel Menachem in Golders Green, London, didn’t make do with Motzoei Shabbos farbrengens, they went out of the box — by going in the box.

By Anash.org reporter

Heichel Menachem in Golders Green, London, takes their Shabbos Mevorchim farbrengens very seriously. This week, with minyanim canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, they faced a dilemma: how to have a Shabbos farbrengen without endangering anybody’s health. While others made do with Motzoei Shabbos farbrengens, Heichel Menachem went out of the box — by going in the box.

On Friday afternoon every family associated with Heichel Menachem got a small box filled with the material necessary to farbreng with the family. Hebrew and English reading material that shulgoers would usually see in shul and some mezonos as well. A translated sicha of the Rebbe was also added to the box.

A special bonus was a small flask of wine mixed with a bit of wine that the Rebbe had given for kos shel brochoh.

An email was sent out to their mailing list as well. The message was as follows:

Teiyere Brider, this Shabbos is such a special shabbos! Chazak! Hachodesh! Mevorchim! a double parsha! Just read back on sichos the Rebbe said on a week like this! 

We read how the Yidden were told to prepare for their geulah! We must read the parsha & internalize it, let’s prepare for the geulah! 

Sit with our family around a Shabbos table, daven together, say tehillim together and farbreng! The excuse of “we have to go home” isn’t there, so the farbrengen can last all day!

Yes the Shul is our central point in life and for some of us it is our first home, yet we must remember that Yiddishkeit does not stay there. Let’s make this Shabbos one that will never be forgotten when we will look back & be proud of the way we conducted ourselves. Let’s keep it in a way that Hashem will look down on us and say: they deserve to go back to Shul!

Chazak Chazak Venischazek!

Gabbai Yechiel Wilhelm told Anash.org that “people were literally in tears when we delivered the fabrengens to them. It was a time-consuming job, we only got home ten minutes before licht bentshen, but it was well worth it. They were so happy to get it,” he added.

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