Family and Friends Celebrate Miraculous Recovery

After spending four weeks on a ventilator, Rabbi Eliezer Gold, a fundraiser for Oholei Torah, returned home on Thursday. He was greeted by family and neighbors.

By reporter

Rabbi Eliezer Gold, a fundraiser for Oholei Torah schools in Crown Heights, returned home on Thursday, just in time for Pesach Sheni.

Family and friends gathered in front of his house to welcome him home, and a large sign thanking Hashem was prepared by children.

Speaking to those who came to celebrate, Rabbi Gold related that he had spent four weeks on a ventilator. “When I woke up, I asked my wife when Pesach is. She told me it had passed,” he said.

He noted that Pesach Sheni would begin in a few hours, and said that he was looking forward to eating Matzah after missing the opportunity on Pesach.

“Thank you for all the tehillim said and mitzvos done in my merit,” he said. “I really needed it, and I’m sure it helped bring me back.”


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