Expert Talks with Bochurim About Substance Abuse

Facing down fears is always the best way to overcome them. It is no secret that the once taboos in our circles have now become matters of regularity and the youth are exposed to far more than their parents were at their age.

In light of this situation a number of schools hosted Dr. Pinny Herman, PhD, a Lubavitcher Licensed Professional Counselor hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, to address the topic of marijuana use openly and factually with the Mesivta boys before the beginning of summer break. The project was organized by and the schools that participated were Oholei Torah Mesivta, Darchei Menachem and Hamesivta at ULY Ocean Parkway.

Dr. Herman’s talk about the modern-day realities of marijuana use helped the boys understand the long-term effects that marijuana can have on the developing brain (in particular the modern strains of marijuana which are exponentially more potent than they used to be), why some people are pulled to using drugs and suggested healthier alternatives. He then answered the many questions posed the boys., the organizer of this project, heard from parents and boys that the talk was very open and informative. There was a lasting impression left on the boys and they felt respected to be spoken to openly about these matters and have all their questions addressed as one would with an adult.

In the evening, Dr. Herman addressed the parents of the Oholei Torah boys in a general assembly regarding the topics that were discussed with the boys during the day and answered questions.

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Dr. Pinny Herman received his master’s degree from Penn State University, and his Doctorate from Capella University. He specializes in treating anxiety and depression, addictive disorders, and codependency and other relationship concerns. He has additional training in chemical dependency assessment and treatment, family systems work, and treating dual-diagnoses. Dr. Herman holds multiple board certifications, including advanced certification in treating addictive disorders (CAC/CAADC), and in dual-diagnosis (CCDP) work. He is also certified as a Forensic Addictions Specialist (CFAS), conducts substance abuse evaluations in legal and custody cases, and serves as expert witness in these matters. Dr. Herman is credentialed as a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), and conducts interventions both regionally and nationally.

To have Dr. Herman talk at your child’s school please contact either Neshamos at [email protected], or Dr. Herman directly via email [email protected] or by phone 412-620-8060. operates a wellness helpline with a team of trained staff standing by to assist, refer and advocate in all matters addiction, parenting and mental/emotional health. There is always something that can be done. Please call 646-580-9842

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