Excitement Builds For Children’s Siyum

This year’s Siyum Harambam is going to be epic!

A special live-streamed Grand Siyum Harambam – Unity Event is planned for Monday evening, 4th of Av – August 5th at 6:00 PM and everyone is invited!

Knowing how important learning Rambam and Sefer Hamitzvos is to the Rebbe and that its ultimate goal is to unite each one of us, in honor of the completion of the 38th cycle of Rambam, CGI Siyum Harambam in conjunction with Vaad Or Vechom and Chitas for Kids decided to take this year’s Siyum to the next level with an interactive live-streamed event so that thousands from across the globe; young, old and everyone in between can participate in a display of true unity.

The kid-friendly program will be hosted by Benny Friedman and Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, Shliach to Tri-Valley in Pleasanton, CA, and will feature:

  • A brand new episode of the Itche Kadoozy Show
  • A special “Connection Point Home” program which will include questions and prizes for all participants
  • The unveiling of a brand new English Sefer Hamitzvos book for children produced by Chitas for Kids.

Several camps and schools will be joining the program live and will be part of the program, including: Camp Gan Yisroels in Detroit, Florida, Montreal and Toronto, Camp Emunah, and all Lubavitch day schools in Australia.

Public viewings will be held for LDC in Monsey, and the communities in the Twin Cities, MN, and Postville, IA.

To organize a public viewing in your city please contact [email protected]

Mark your calendars and join us on Monday evening, 4th of Av – August 5th at 6:30 PM EST at Chabad.org/siyum38. In anticipation of the exciting event, a special song “The Rebbe’s Golden Chain” was composed by Rabbi Zalman Minkowitz and recorded by Eli Marcus with music by Benshimon Studios.

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