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In honor of the 6th Yartzeit of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz a”h on 2 Adar, the Moscowitz family has launched a new website about his life and impact, containing a biography, photos, his essays and lectures.

In honor of the 6th Yartzeit of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz a”h (2 Adar), the Moscowitz family is pleased to share with you a new website about his life and impact.

The website includes a biography, photos, a timeline of momentous events and occasions, more than 40 videos of speeches, dozens of audio lectures, and articles he penned.

Delve into the story of a Chossid whose life began in Illinois, yet his legacy reaches far beyond, through his kindness and teachings. Learn of a Chossid who devoted his life to bringing the light of Torah and Chassidus to his hometown, which ripples beyond the State of Illinois. His short 59 years of commitment to the Rebbe and continues to impact the Jewish people.

This website www.rabbimoscowitz.com features: A Chassid made in AmericaTransform the World’s Perspective of Itself, how he dealt with the manufacturers who wanted to lower the kashrus standard of their milk, The Baal Shemtov’s reaction or the landscape of Chabad of Illinois in 1989.

There is also a section dedicated to people’s impressions and memories. To add your story, or if you have pictures, videos, or audio we could add to the collection, please email us at [email protected].

The Moscowitz family is hosting a Siyum Sefer Torah tonight, Thursday, in Skokie in his honor. To participate, visit: www.chabadIllinois.com/UnityTorah

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