European and African Kinus Held in Secret

By Staff – Photos By Idkunei Chabad

Some 70 shluchim and shluchos attended three days of sessions under strict media secrecy this weekend in Istanbul, Turkey. Not until the last shliach had left the country was the existence of this kinus allowed to be made public. The European and African Regional kinus was hosted by Rabbi Mendy Chitrik, shliach in Istanbul and rov of the Ashkenazi Community there.

Shluchim and Shluchos arrived from many European, African and Middle Eastern countries, including: Uganda, Iceland, Ireland, Angola, Bulgaria, Ghana, Denmark, Zanzibar, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Greece, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Montenegro, Monaco, Malta, Morocco, Norway, Nigeria, Slovakia, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Czech Republic, North Cyprus, Congo, Kosovo, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Sweden.

Special guests, shluchim Rabbi Boruch Oberlander of Budapest and Rabbi Mendy Azimov of Paris farbrenged with the shluchim.

After a tour of Istanbul under heavy security, and a meeting with local Rabbinic and community leaders, the shluchim were treated to a grand banquet at the Ritz Hotel. The banquet highlight was what else? The customary “spontaneous” dancing, sung to the traditional Rosh Chodesh Kislev Nigun.

Rabbi Mendy Azimov, Paris
Rabbi Chaim Greisman, Sweden
Rabbi Mendy Chitrik, Istanbul
Rabbi Chaim Hillel Azimov, North Cyprus
Rabbi Naftali Deitsch, Bucharest
Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky
Rabbi Boruch Oberlander, Budapest

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