Empire Shtieble is Continuing Shiurim Online

The Daily Kolel Ahavas Achim in Empire Shtieble is continuing their shiurim given by Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Heber, on the phone and online.

The Daily Kolel Ahavas Achim in Empire Shtieble is continuing their shiurim online and on the phone. Now more than ever we need to continue and increase our limud hatorah, Tefillah, and Tzedakah.

The shiurim are given by Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Heber.

The shiur will continue Kidushin (holding now daf 17 amud beis) Monday through Thursday, 11 am to 12 pm. on Friday they will be learning a ma’amar of the Rebbe Maharash in honor of Shabbos. 

Instructions to join:
Use this link 
It will ask you if you want to join with your computer video and audio, please click “yes.”

It is best if you have a webcam on your computer, but it will still work without itone.

You could also use your smartphone. Just download the Zoom app, and in the app click on “Join a meeting”, enter meeting ID 656-726-358.

If you don’t have a computer or you’re having difficulty figuring it out, you could also call in the meeting using your phone. Call (646) 568-7788, they will ask you to add your meeting number, just add the same number as above.
(To mute and unmute on a phone call press *6).

L’zechus l’refuah shleima for all those who need one!

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