Emotional Drive-Through for S. Paulo Families

Students in S. Paulo’s Gani and Lubavitch Schools were in for some wonderful surprises as they pulled up at a special drive-through event, created by the entire school staff.

Life for students at the Gani and Lubavitch Schools in S. Paulo, Brazil, followed its normal course until COVID-19 came along and everything changed: a new routine without school and no regular social contact.

With so many changes, and students and teachers missing each other tremendously, the school prepared a special drive-through event this past Sunday. The entire team of dedicated staff made many preparations, and put together wonderful surprises for the students.

As families pulled up at the school, they parked in the indicated places, enabling students to see their friends and teachers, even if from a distance. Outside the cars – homesick smiles from the team and inside – loving messages and decorations created by the children.

The students were surprised with an incredible kit: all the learning material to be used in the second semester; a personalized bag; a custom mask; and a delicious snack prepared by the school’s kitchen staff so that they could remember the sweet taste of school days.

It was a day full of emotion! Parents and teachers alike left warm feedback about the event, which will be fondly remembered by all.

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