Ego and Idealism: Heichaltzu Chapter 8

Watch: Rabbis Shmuly and Levi Avtzon discuss chapter 8 of ‘Hechaltzu’, the Rebbe Rashab’s treatise on achdus and ahavas yisroel.

In this week’s ‘Hechaltzu weekly’, presented by Sichos in English and, brothers Rabbi Shmuly and Levi Avtzon teach the 8th chapter of Hechaltzu, the Rebbe Rashab’s treatise on ahavas yisroel.

Big Picture
What does it mean to be a “big picture” thinker according to Chassidus?

Ego in Idealism
Is there a downside in unadulterated idealism?

 What insight can you glean from Heichaltzu chapter 8?

Shiur with Rabbi Levi Avtzon

VIDEO: Sichos In Englishh Farbrengen/discussion

This week’s booklet is dedicated in memory of לע”נ מרדכי בן שרגא פייבל יעקובס
In memory of Mordechai Jacobs, for whom achdus and ahavas yisrael were not theory, but an ongoing path in life.

To download chapter 8, click here.

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