Educator and Animator Team Up to Make Puppet Show

Watch: Rabbi Avrohom Wagshul’s Parsha Puppet Show teamed up with Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz of to enhance his weekly show.

Rabbi Avrohom Wagshul‘s Parsha Puppet Show has just published a new edition for Parshas Behaalosecha. Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz of has graciously supplied his colorful and engaging art to enhance the presentation and will be hosting the show on his website along with access to all of his engaging audio, cartoon pictures, coloring pages, and even a weekly quiz.

The weekly Parsha Puppet Show is being enjoyed by thousands of children and adults from the U.S. England, Australia, South Africa, and even Israel.

Because teachers are using the show in class the puppet show this week has been divided into shorted segments so teachers can pick a short excerpt and view a complete topic in the Parsha.

For more information about this project or to dedicate a future edition email [email protected].

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