Earn Raffle Tickets for Torah Learning

Be entered into a raffle to win $1,800 for daily learning during this month. The more you study, the more tickets you earn!

By Anash.org reporter

Learn and earn!

With batei medrash and yeshivas closed, a unique raffle is being held to encourage daily learning around the world.

Eis Laasos Raffle is raffling off a top prize of $1,800 and five runner ups of $500.

In addition, all who learn 3 hours daily will be awarded a $20 voucher to Eichlers Judaica.

How to earn tickets?
Every 30 minutes of learning, as well as each daf gemara studied, and one perek of mishnayos* each earn you a ticket. Additional dafim and perakim of mishnayos earn even more raffles!

ALL time spent learning earns you raffles, including shnayim mikra, Chitas, Rambam, previously studied topics and material required by your yeshiva.

Print out the chart below to track your study.

The raffle is for learning during the month of April.
Submission ends May 10th and the raffle will be help May 15th.

To enter, after the program ends, send a blank email to [email protected] to receive a blank form to fill out.

All additional learning inspired by the program is l’ilui nishmas all those who were niftar from the virus and l’zchus refuah sheleima for those sick.

*mishnayos is for grade 8 and below

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