Early Childhood Educators Gather for Annual Retreat

Chabad Early Childhood Education (CECE), a membership-based group of educators and directors, held its annual retreat in Plano, Texas, where it was graciously hosted by local Shlucha Rivkie Block.

Chabad Early Childhood Education (CECE), a project of the Shluchim Office, is a membership-based group of Chabad early childhood educators and directors. CECE offers resources, guidance and networking, including an exclusive peer group encouraging high quality sharing and mentoring.

“The CECE is an incredible network of Shluchos and Chabad preschool directors that enhances my life and work daily. The resources, the conference, the insight, but most of all the camaraderie and connections that I make through this network helps me to succeed!” says Yocheved Shapiro from Las Vegas, NV.

CECE organizes an annual retreat for their members, an event which is always eagerly anticipated. This year’s CECE Retreat was held in Plano, Texas, graciously hosted by local Shlucha Rivkie Block.

“I am filled with practical ideas and lessons to enrich my life and my chinuch.” says Leah Lang from Camarillo, CA, Shlucha and member of CECE. “I am so grateful to CECE for facilitating this incredible experience for me, which will ultimately benefit my whole community.”

Highlights from this year included a keynote titled “How to Speak so Children Can Think” and a workshop titled, “Working from Your Strengths,” which focused on the whys and hows of individual working styles. Participants took an assessment which revealed each director’s “top 5 strengths” which, when utilized, can help them become better leaders. There was also a tour of a progressive and engaging child-centered facility, and a Chassidus class with Rabbi Mendy Block.

“These past two days left me inspired and invigorated to come back to my city and school to implement new ideas,” says Rivkah Denburg from Coral Springs, FL. “Being with other shluchos and educators is always wonderful and the interactions and connections will continue with lasting effects. I came to learn and grow – mission accomplished!”

For more information on the CECE Network email [email protected] or visit www.thececenetwork.com  

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