Dynamic Teacher Training Course Expands

Igud Hamelamdim, an organization that provides invaluable services to mechanchim, is running its gold star annual Teacher Training Course in Crown Heights, as well as online.

If you are one of the 120 Lubavitcher teachers who have already been trained as part of Igud Hamelamdim’s 30-hour teaching course, you know what all the excitement is about. And for this year only, an unprecedented early bird price is being offered – expiring TOMORROW, Friday, 18 Tamuz.

4 years ago, Igud Hamelamdim launched this comprehensive summer training course moderated by top mechanchim in the field and producing substantive, tangible results. Since its inception, the course has earned the praise of teachers and principals for its time-honored methods, lucid delivery, and down-to-earth guidance. Many graduates of the course have taken up prestigious positions in schools around the country, and their enthusiastic accounts of how the course has helped them speak for themselves.

An exciting addition is being made to this year’s course, with the inclusion of a new presenter Rabbi Mendel Klyne, principal and teacher at Cheder Chabad Detroit. He will present alongside master educators of previous courses, Rabbi Mechel Rottenberg,renowned principal and teachers’ trainer of many decades, and Rabbi Michoel Gourarie, mechanech, trainer and noted expert in the Rebbe’s chinuch approach.

Rabbi Rottenberg, who has trained thousands of teachers to date, will share the dynamic and practical training that has put so many mechanchim and their students on the path to success.

Rabbi Michoel Gourarie, who also heads the Bina Institute in Sydney, Australia, will bring to the program the Rebbe’s perspective, culled from the hundreds of the Rebbe’s letters, Sichos and directives on chinuch. Rabbi Gourarie will also focus on Kriah skills for all ages, something that many students struggle with.

Rabbi Mendel Klyne will discuss, among other topics, how to bring each talmid to their full potential. Rabbi Klyne’s expertise has enabled hundreds of students to make outstanding progress in their learning.

Participants of previous courses rave about the success of the course and the tools it gave them for the classroom.

“Great course!” says, Rabbi Avi Weinstien, last year’s participant. “I recommend joining! I learned a lot from it last year, and I saw results. The mechanchim giving training are very knowledgeable and experienced.”

 “Making sure that every boy feels like part of the class and is engaged in the learning experience has resulted in much fewer disturbances,” wrote another participant in the course, “It motivated each student to know and learn more, according to his ability.”

“Rabbi Gourarie gave me the skills of how to instill Ahavas HaTorah into my students, while simultaneously creating a strong kesher between me and my talmid, all in a very practical and amazing way!” exudes Rabbi Elchanan Ruvinov, a participant in last year’s training course.

One participant was deeply inspired by the instructors who “live what they preach.” Teaching tools are always useful, but they are all the more empowering when given by instructors who live their message.

This year’s course will run from Sunday, 12 Menachem Av through Thursday, 23 Menachem Av. Sessions will take place on Sundays and weekday evenings. The course include follow up coaching to implement the lessons in the classroom.

“We spare no effort in reaching our goal of providing the very best Chinuch skills and methodology,” says Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, director of the Igud Hamelamdim organization. “And in order to accomplish that, our mission is to support, inspire and empower teachers, giving them the tools they need to optimize their classroom teaching.”

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