Double Dedication for Expanded Mesibas Shabbos

The weekly Mesibas Shabbos in 770, dedicated in memory of beloved educator Rabbi Shmaryahu Katzen a”h, will be expanded this week to mark the birthday of Harav Aharon Yaaov Schwei a”h.

By staff

The weekly Mesibas Shabbos for children in 770, will be expanding this week with exciting prizes and refreshments.

Started by beloved educator Rabbi Shmaryahu Katzen a”h, the weekly Mesibas Shabbos continued after his passing in his memory. Children come to 770 on Shabbos to hear a story, say the 12 pessukim, and say a bracha on some nosh.

This week, the Mesibas Shabbos will be expanded, with even more exciting prizes, including a gift certificate to Zakons, and delicious nosh for each child that attends.

The expanded program is sponsored to mark the birthday week of Crown Heights Rov Aharon Yaaov Schwei a”h.

Mesibas Shabbos takes place in the basement shul of 770, Shabbos afternoon at 5:30-6:10 PM.

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