Don’t Exaggerate Your Children’s Behavior

In this letter, published by the Avner Institute, the Rebbe reassures a mother not to worry about her children’s normal difficulties.

By the Grace of G-d
8 Kislev 5718
Brooklyn, New York

Mrs. Ratze Schildkraut
88 Kensington St.
New Haven, Connecticut

Blessing and Greeting:

I was pleased to receive your letter of the 28th of Mar Cheshvan, in which you write that you started teaching. Judging from the tone of your letter, you seem to be satisfied.

I am particularly gratified that you have clearly noted the improvements in the yeshiva matters, and I trust that this will strengthen your faith in G-d, that everything will continue to improve in the future, even those things which, for the present, do not seem to be quite in order, for all that G-d does is for good.

With regard to your writing that your children are nervous and not sufficiently attentive to their studies, this is a frequent occurrence with children, and is no ground for anxiety, especially as the conditions are stationary and not getting worse, G-d forbid. One of the ways to improve matters would be that they should be in the company with other children of their age so that they will instinctively try not to be different, and the condition will pass in due course. Certainly it would not be advisable to make an issue of it or let the child feel any exaggerated anxiety on your part.

Furthermore, you should quite dismiss from your mind any thought that this may have anything to do with your pregnancy. At the same time, your work, as well as that of your husband, in the field of kosher education, will surely stand you both in good stead, to have true nachas [joy], which is Yiddishe nachas, from your children.

With blessing,

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