Divrei Torah for Children: Parshas Noach

New Column on Anash.org: A weekly Dvar Torah for children by Rabbi Yekusiel Goldstein, author of the book Divrei Torah for Children.

Rabbi Goldstein carefully selected a collection of 63 Divrei Torah on the parsha and Yom Tov. Each Dvar Torah is based on the Rebbe’s sichos and follows the clear format of a concise question, answer and practical lesson in day to day life explained in a child friendly manner.

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The people in Noach’s generation did many sins. Hashem brought a mabul to destroy them and purify the world. The mabul lasted a full year. After the land was dry, Hashem told Noach, “Leave the teiva, you and your wife, your family and all the animals.”

Question – Why did Hashem have to command Noach to leave the teiva? Why didn’t Noach just leave on his own when he saw that the mabul was over?

Answer – The midrash relates that while in the teiva, all the animals lived peacefully with one another like it will be in the times of Moshiach. Noach and his family, therefore, didn’t want to leave the peaceful teiva until commanded by Hashem.

Hashem wanted Noach to go back into the world and elevate it by doing mitzvos, until it too will be ready for Moshiach.

Lesson – One may prefer to just learn Torah all day rather than go help anyone else, thinking, “When I daven and learn, I feel like I’m in ‘geula’ and close to Hashem.” We learn from Parshas Noach, to spend some time in the teiva, but afterwards there must be “צֵא מִן הַתֵּיבָה.” We must “go out” and care about the people around us.

Learning Torah is very important, but actually doing mitzvos like helping a friend, and acting with ahavas Yisroel will elevate the world to be ready for the final geula with the coming of Moshiach.

 (Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 25 p. 28)

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