Dining Hall Dedicated in Memory of Young Bochur

Towards the end of Tishrei, members of hanholas hayeshiva and the Karnowsky family gathered in the dining hall of Oholei Torah as Osher and Rivka Karnowsky dedicated Heichal Shmuel in memory of their beloved son, Shmuel, who passed away short while ago.

The farbrengen– style event, which was joined by family and Shmuel’s many friends, was a befitting a tribute for a tamim who so loved Oholei Torah, where he grew so much.

Rabbi Nosson Blumes, director of development and a close friend of Reb Osher and Rivka Karnowsky, opened the evening. Rabbi Blumes spoke about the significance of allocating a place for a dedication. He also mentioned the uniqueness of the area chosen, a wing of the yeshiva’s dining hall, where talmidim daven, eat nourishing meals and farbreng. Now, Heichel Shmuel will be a place for talmidim to draw inspiration from and remember Shmuel, and all activities taking place there will be in his zechus.

The dedication plaque was unveiled by Shmuel’s parents and siblings. Following the unveiling, Rabbi Blumes asked Shmuel’s melamdim and menahalim, who had given so much to Shmuel, to join for a group picture.

Dean Emeritus Rabbi Hershel Lustig spoke of Shmuel’s outstanding qualities and the impact he had on so many of his classmates.

Following Rabbi Lustig, Osher Karnowsky expressed his gratitude for everything Oholei Torah did for Shmuel and shared how much Shmuel loved the mosed. He asked everyone present to take upon ourselves good and positive resolutions in his son’s memory.

Rabbi Mendel Duchman, director of philanthropy, spoke on behalf of the Board of Directors.  Rabbi Duchman highlighted the global significance of a dedication made in the Oholei Torah campus. Many of the talmidim take the learning and chayus for yiddishkeit acquired in Oholei Torah and channel it into leading and inspiring in communities all over the world.

Following the formal part of the dedication, Shmuel’s classmates and friends sat for a chassidishe farbrengen with Rabbi Mendel Marinowsky, a mashpia from the Oholei Torah mesivta.

Heichal Shmuel will serve as an active center for the 1850 talmidim of Oholei Torah, and a tremendous zechus for the beloved talmid, Shmuel, a”h.

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Osher Karnowsky
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Rabbi Nosson Blumes
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Rabbi Hershel Lustig
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