Diaspora Minister Hotovely Seeks Chabad’s Secret

Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Tzipi Hotovely met in Yerushalayim Wednesday evening with a group of 30 Chabad on Campus rabbis and rebbetzins in her first official meeting since assuming her new role the day before.

Following a closed-door meeting led by Rabbi Yossy Gordon, CEO of Chabad on Campus International, Minister Hotovely engaged in a spirited one-hour discussion with the entire group as she sought to understand the secret to Chabad’s success on campus. Hotovely listened attentively and asked pointed questions as the Chabad emissaries related their experience impacting students and suggested strategies for scaling up their success.

The group hails from universities around the world including Melbourne, Dartmouth, Vienna, Princeton, and York University. They are in Jerusalem for an eight-day training session specially designed by Yad Vashem to provide tools to teach students about the Holocaust at universities.

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