Detroit Unites For Lag BaOmer

Over one thousand residents of Detroit, Michigan, came together for a Lag Ba’Omer celebration, arranged by the Bochurim of the Lubavitch Yeshiva in Oak Park. Singer Boruch Sholom Blesofsky opened the stage with the traditional Lag B’omer spirit. Followed by a grand performance from the Twins from France.

Words of Torah were shared by the Menahel of the Lubavitch Yeshiva Rabbi Shmaya Shmotkin, and Rabbi Avrohom Bleich, Rov of Bnei Israel Shul. Rabbi Bentzion Stein led the crowd in Kapital Lamed Gimmel in Tehilim, According the Rebbe’s Directive in the Michtov Kloli for Lag B’omer 5749. 

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