Derher Utilizes Whatsapp to Inspire

As we approach Gimmel Tammuz – 25 years, Chassidim around the world are preparing themselves to properly experience the day.

A Chassidisher Derher is launching a special series of WhatsApp broadcasts, including short inspirational selections of the Rebbe’s sichos and letters on the subject of strengthening hiskashrus.

The messages will include the Rebbe’s great emphasis on the fact that even after the histalkus, the Rebbe’s presence is here and felt now more than ever.

“Some people use the term “אותנו עזב לאנחות”—[the Rebbe] left us to sighs,” the Rebbe says. “I will not use this expression….[It] is false. The Rebbe did not leave us, and we did not leave him… Let no one convince themselves that because times have changed, whatever the Rebbe said is not applicable now; that today, the Rebbe would have said things differently. The only thing the Rebbe would have said differently is that you must increase your activities, many times over!” (Said by the Rebbe on Simchas Torah 5716-1955).

This and other inspirational quotes like it will be shared to all subscribers 3 times each week, until Gimmel Tammuz.

To sign up, click this link:

• No need to re-subscribe if you already receive Derher’s WhatsApp messages.

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