Derher Progress Report

The popular Derher magazine tells us of the many offerings they have made available for the public during the past year.

Nine years ago, a small group of bochurim wanted to create change and have a positive influence on the education of Lubavitcher bochurim, imparting Chassidishe values and a genuine sense of hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

A Chassidisher Derher newsletter was born. The humble four-page pamphlet was compiled and emailed to shluchim in yeshivos around the world, and one year later, the first Derher magazine was published. 

The demand for quality Chassidishe content has since grown, and the organization has grown with it.

As the summer winds down and the year 5779 draws to a close, the staff at A Chassidisher Derher reflect on the progress made over the past year alone:   

  • By constant popular demand, a comprehensive index has been added to our webpage, making all the thousands of pages in our magazines’ archive easily accessible and searchable by topic.  

  • A Chassidisher Derher magazine has expanded to a new community and is now available in Russian, in addition to our previous translations in Spanish and French which were available for a few years now. 

  • Our subscription base is constantly growing, with 240 new subscribers joining us in the past four months alone! 

  • A special supplementary handout with inspirational messages about hiskashrus was published in time for Gimmel Tammuz—25 years and distributed at the Ohel, in Crown Heights shuls, and in Anash communities around the world. 

  • The popular monthly column, “Der Rebbe vet gefinen a veg” (The Rebbe will find a way), featuring first-hand stories of people who experienced miracles from the Rebbe’s brachos in recent years was collected and published in Hebrew in book-form.

  • Shlichus on Campus—a book about the Rebbe’s vision for Chabad activity on college campuses; its story and history, was published in conjunction with Chabad on Campus International and distributed to all the shluchim families on campus.

  • A special booklet about the importance of Shlichus in our generation, based on articles that previously appeared in the Derher magazine, was compiled and distributed to all shluchim at this year’s Kinus in Crown Heights, alongside translation in Hebrew.

  • A supplementary edition celebrating 90 years since the Rebbe and Rebbetzin’s wedding on Yud Daled Kislev, sent to Chabad communities around the world. 

  • A wide variety of in-depth topics have been visited and covered in this year’s magazines, including: A comprehensive look at the Rebbe’s teachings on Davening, what the Rebbe says about saying L’chaim, an in-depth study of the importance of Tzedaka, and much more.

  • In addition to the usual Whatsapp messages of inspiration sent out on a regular basis, two series of themed messages were sent in honor of Yud Daled Kislev and Gimmel Tammuz.

  • 1000 new subscribers joined our regular Whatsapp contact list this year! 

Upcoming project: 

  • The popular column “Der Rebbe vet gefinen a veg” will be collected and published in book-form in English. Details to be announced shortly. 

New project in the pipeline: 

  • An interactive website, including all previously published content available by topic, and timely articles featured on the homepage; updated regularly.

A Chassidisher Derher would like to thank all its subscribers and especially the donors who participate in the Derher work, bringing the Rebbe’s teachings to so many—and inspiring action!

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