Derher Prepares Memorable Yud Shvat Edition

In honor of Yud Shvat – Shnas Hashivim, the Chassidishe Derher magazine has created a special issue on topics of hiskashrus and dor hashvi’i.

70 years ago this month, the world was devastated by the histalkus of the nossi hador, the Frierdiker Rebbe, on Shabbos morning—Yud Shevat 5710.

But as Chazal tell us, before the sun sets (“ובא השמש”), the light of the sun begins shining (“וזרח השמש”). 

It was time for the world to experience the new light that would illuminate the path to the final geula—the Rebbe’s nesius had brought the dawn of dor hashvi’i.

Although Chassidim hoped that the Rebbe would immediately begin the nesius openly, it took a full year until the Rebbe officially accepted the nesius and announced the mission statement of the new generation—dor hashvi’i. In the meantime, Chassidim signed and sent the Rebbe their ksavei hiskashrus: pledging to completely give themselves over to the Rebbe and dedicate their lives to fulfilling his instructions.

And those instructions were not long in coming. One year after the Frierdiker Rebbe’s histalkus, the Rebbe delivered his first maamar, laying the groundwork for the avoda of a new generation, the dor hashvi’i:

To finally and completely bring the shechina down here, with the coming of Moshiach.

As we mark 70 years since the dawn of our special generation, A Chassidisher Derher produced its monthly magazine, dedicated to the story and the avoda of dor hashvi’i.

A presentation detailing the Mission of Dor Hashvi’i based on the Rebbe’s teachings is followed by a riveting farbrengen with Rabbi Yisroel Shmotkin of Wisconsin and Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt of Argentina, expounding on our unique moment in history and how we can get the job done.

A beautiful description of events leading up to the fateful farbrengen on Yud Shevat 5711 is also included, alongside all the usual columns of refreshingly authentic and engaging Chassidishe content for every member of the family.

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