Derher Magazine Launches Online Article Index

With close to 9 years’ worth of printed publications and an onslaught of requests for archived articles, A Chassidisher Derher is launching a comprehensive online index.

The Derher magazine has been coming out for several years now, and has become a staple in yeshivos and anash communities worldwide. It has become an integral part of the chinuch of many anash, keeping them in tune with Chassidus, the Rebbe, and who we are as chassidim.

Most topics are only written about once; because of this, the Derher office has been fielding hundreds of requests for articles on topics that were published months, even years ago.

“People call the office, saying ‘Where can I find the article on such and such topic?'” Rabbi Yossi Kamman, publisher of the Derher told Anash. “With so many issues published, it has reached a point where even our staff are finding it difficult to navigate!”

Today, Derher announced the launch of a public online index in which all articles are divided according to topic, issue, and relevant time of the year. In addition, using your browsers built in search engine, users can type in any keyword to pull up PDFs of articles on the desired topic.

Eventually, Derher hopes to have a website with all of its content available to the public online.

“We’re very excited about this new development,” said Rabbi Kamman. “The Rebbe koched in maftechos and oznayim latorah. What we are doing now is taking the old issues of Derher off the shelf and making it accessible to all.”

“With Gimmel Tammuz coming up, we are proud to be bringing the Rebbe’s words to a broader audience, making it easier for teachers to use in schools and really, for anyone to access at any time. The index has a beautiful design and is easy to navigate.”


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