Day of Sun, Fun and Unity in Miami

Last Sunday brought thousands to Jungle Island in Miami for Family Adventure Day.

The highlight of the day was a lively concert with ‘Rabbi B‘ of Toronto – Yossi Berktin, the former Uncle Moishy – who was accompanied by Choni Teitelbaum Productions. The concert was followed by a spectacular circus and exciting rides for the children, concluding with a magnificent light show in the evening.

The program was sponsored by Tzivos Hashem of Florida, directed by Rabbi Dovid Shapiro and Rabbi Yitzchok Teitelbaum. The event brought together families from all the local yeshivas and Talmud Torahs and many visitors that came from all over the world to enjoy their vacation in Florida, for a day of sun and fun.

The children also davened and gave tzedakah for the peace and safety for all our brethren around the world. The event was a tremendous kiddush Hashem and brought a wonderful feeling of unity to the visitors.  

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