Darchei Menachem Hosts “Era of Moshiach” Expo

Recently, parents and anash of Crown Heights gathered at Darchei Menachem for a unique exhibition depicting “The Era of Moshiach”. 

Talmidim from kitos daled through ches were assigned a theme. They spent the next 6 weeks doing research on the pirushim related to their topic, especially those from the Rebbe’s Torah. After gathering information, each of the 12 teams endeavored to find the most creative manner of bringing these messages to life.

Over 150 parents and community members came to show their support. Everyone was encouraged to view and vote, judging each exhibit on its clear depiction of the theme and on creativity.

Visitors were impressed to see how well-versed and enthusiastic each talmid was in explaining his exhibit. Someone was overheard saying, “I’m leaving here with the feeling that I am going out of galus, straight in to the geulah!”

The exhibits were left up overnight, giving Darchai’s talmidim and parents a second opportunity to view the exhibits the following day.

With this beautiful event, Darchei Menachem ended off another successful school year and its inaugural year of Chayolei Tzivos Hashem after-school programming.

The organizers of this project hope that the lessons learned and feeling cultivated at this event will motivate everyone to do the last bit to tip the scale and bring about the Geulah Sheleima, immediately!

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