New Daily Shiurim at Carroll St. Shul

Re’im Ahuvim-Tiferes Menachem shul is now offering two shiurim in Chassidus each morning at 1614 Carroll Street.

The first shiur takes place at 6:15 AM with Rabbi Moshe Klein, and will be followed by a 7:00 AM minyan for shacharis. The second shiur takes place at 7:05 AM with Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier, followed by a 7:45 AM minyan for shacharis.

In addition to these daily shiurim, the shul also hosts several popular weekly shiurim. Every Sunday, there is a Gemara shiur at 8:30 AM; Monday is Shulchan Aruch at 8:00 PM. On Thursdays the kehilla hosts a Likutei Torah shiur with refreshments, and every Shabbos there is a Likutei Sichos shiur following mincha.

Plans for a late afternoon shiur are in the pipeline, for those who would like to catch mincha/maariv and some learning on their way home from work.

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