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In order to enable them to expand their reach and further illuminate the world, Daily Lightpoints is holding a fundraising raffle for a family vacation to Israel. 

You’ve noticed it in shul, you see it in your inbox, you read it everyday on whatsapp: but what is Daily Lightpoints?

Daily Lightpoints was established in 5764 by Machon Ohr HaChassidus in an attempt to bring the Rebbe’s teachings to the English speaking community in a manner that was both convenient and meaningful in an effort to touch as many lives as possible.

We all know that it is important to spend time learning Chassidus. Learning the Rebbe’s torah helps to give us the right perspective and sets us on the right path as we navigate life. However, long workdays, busy schedules and caring for our families can sometimes make this ideal very difficult to implement.

This is where Daily Lightpoints comes in. Daily Lightpoints is a daily dose of Chassidus that will light up your day. It is sent directly to you through the medium most convenient for you. Like to enjoy the hard print along with your morning coffee? We have you covered. An email that you can read from the comfort of your desk? You got it. A quick whatsapp that you can read from your phone during your commute? Done.

This spark of light will illuminate your day and bring a whole new energy into your life. Jumpstarting your day with Daily Lightpoints will change your life for the better.

To date, Daily Lightpoints content is read and enjoyed by 25,000 readers daily. Whether they are reading it from a printed leaflet found in shuls around the world in either English, Hebrew or French, or digitally on their computer or phone; the Rebbe’s teaching brighten their morning and infuse their day with meaning and chayus.

And now, Daily Lightpoints is looking to expand their reach and increase the points of light around the globe.

To raise the money needed to fund this effort, Daily Lightpoints is holding a raffle fundraiser that will support the spreading of Chassidus and make your family’s dream come true.

For just $36 dollars you can enter into a raffle that will win you an unforgettable trip to Israel for you and your family! With airfare and lodgings on us it can help turn your dream of a family vacation to Israel into a reality!

Bonus Raffle! Join before Gimmel Tammuz (July 7th) to be entered into a raffle for an additional ticket to Israel!

Visit www.familyraffle.net to buy your tickets today.

The drawing will be held on July 22, 19 Tammuz.


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