Daf Yomi Teacher to Begin Rambam Class

A new website with many Rambam resources will be hosting daily shiurim on the Rambam by Rabbi YY Jacobson and the teacher of the most widely heard Yiddish Daf Yomi class.

By Anash.org reporter

As thousands prepare to begin the new cycle of Rambam study, efforts are being made to have the study reach new crowds.

A group of Lubavitchers have launched a new website and hotline with the goal of attracting wide audiences, specifically those who may not have heard of takanas harambam before.

Organizers told Anash.org that the main feature of the site will be the classes offered by renowned teachers and orators in numerous languages.

One of the classes beginning tomorrow is a Yiddish class by Rabbi Elazar Nissan Rubin, one of the most popular and sought after magidei shiurim in Daf Yomi. Rabbi Rubin is an internationally acclaimed Maggid Shiur and tens of thousands listen to his classes in all subjects, including Gemora, Halacha and Hashkafa.

The website will be offering an English class as well, given by the world renowned Rabbi YY Jacobson. Rabbi YY will be teaching two classes, one in Sefer Hamitzvos, and one studying one chapter per day.

The website was created through an united effort by a group of Lubavitchers, with the goal to bring the Rebbe’s vision of uniting the world through the learning of Rambam to all of Klal Yisroel.

Seed money was provided by a donor to get it off the ground, but going forward, there is no one donor who is funding the whole thing. This program will be funded by ‘sponsors of the day’.

The website will be going live on Friday, the first day of the new cycle. While currently in beta mode, the website will continue to be enhanced with many features in the coming weeks.

An ad campaign was also launched in conjunction with the siyum, printing ads in every major NY Jewish newspaper.

To learn more, visit www.DailyRambam.org or call the Rambam hotline at 718-480-0200.

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