Daddy Dear – Now in Yiddish

Mordechai Ben David’s classic ‘Daddy Dear’ was translated into Yiddish and reintroduced by singer Yoel Brown with child soloist Dudi Linker, resulting in ‘Tatenyu’.

Every once in a while, someone re-introduces an old song and introduces it to a new generation. Classics are always classic, no matter how much time has passed.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest hits of Jewish music and Mordechai Ben David’s career is the golden oldie “Daddy Dear” originally recorded on his L’kovod Yom Tov album. This song speaks of a son asking his father when Moshiach will come. It’s a heartfelt prayer and shows how much we yearn for Moshiach.

Yoel Brown is proud to present “Tatenyu.” The song known as Daddy Dear, now featuring all-new original Yiddish lyrics, was filmed with a breathtaking music video written by the famous Badchan Yoel himself.

One of Brown’s specialties is his ability to write and sing about any topic and it goes right into the listener’s heart. Tatenyu features the stunning voice of child soloist Dudi Linker, who continues to shine and play the part of the son to perfection. These two amazing talents will leave you weeping, and begging our father in heaven to fill his cups with the tears so Moshiach can finally come.

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