Crown Heights Schools Offering to Buyback Devices

Crown Heights schools, having relied on internet devices for the past few months, are now offering to buy back any device with compensation and a treat for every child.

After having relied on internet devices to keep school running, two Crown Heights schools are now offering a buyback program to help the children ‘detox’ from the internet.

The past few months saw virtually all schools move online, and many children that did not have access to to the internet previously, were now placed in a situation were having internet was required.

With the school year coming to a close, and the need for internet for school ending, some parents were worried about the possibility of the children remaining with accessible internet.

To address the concern, Crown Heights schools Oholei Torah and Lubavitch Yeshiva Crown Street sent out a letter to parents announcing a buyback program for the devices the children had used.

“Three months ago, we made a request that we never thought we would have to make. We asked you to buy devices for your children,” the schools wrote.

“Thanks to our dedicated staff, we were B”H able to provide a very successful בשבתך בביתך learning program while making good use of these devices.

“B”H we are now ready to zoom out! We strongly believe that our talmidim must now detox from all use of technology and be away from the screen even for what one may consider a “kosher and healthy” use of technology.

“We now have a new request! Please remove the devices from your home,” they said.

The schools said that they would be offering $40 for any device given in. Additionally, every child who returns his device will receive a special treat.

“Please take advantage of this offer and view any additional money that you spent on the device as a rental fee,” they said.

Buy Back Program Details:

Wednesday, Beis Tammuz from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM in the Oholei Torah dining room.
– The device can be brought in by the talmid or anyone in his family on his behalf.
– Receive $40 cash on the spot.
– Any type of device will receive the same flat rate.
– You can choose to donate your device to Yeshiva or accept less than $40.

Device qualifications:
▪️No password.
▪️Signed out of any accounts such as Google, etc.
▪️Includes the recharger.

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