Crown Heights Residents Arrange Summer Learning

This summer, two new programs are offering Crown Heights men the opportunity to get together and learn during the long, quiet evenings.

For many Crown Heights families, the summer is a time when they relocate to the mountains to enjoy fresh air and provide their children with outdoor experiences. Yungeleit remaining in Crown Heights during the week often find themselves with extra time on their hands during the long summer evenings.

Several Crown Heights residents came up with a way to fill these quiet midweek evenings: provide the men with an opportunity to learn and connect with their peers!

Two new learning programs have been arranged for this summer. One series of shiurim is beginning tonight and will be held at Mishkan Moshe (580 Crown St.); the other, which has already begun, takes place at the Reiyim Ahuvim shul.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, men are invited to Mishkan Moshe to nourish their bodies and souls with Torah learning and a delicious dinner. “Torah study is the best remedy for a happy life, happy marriage, and the source of all blessings,” proclaims the flyer announcing the program’s launch.

Participants can choose to learn with a chavrusa or to join a shiur given by various speakers, including Rabbi Ephraim Mintz, Rabbi Sholom Dovid Geisinsky, Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm, Rabbi Shmuel Pevzner, and Rabbi Zalman Shneur. Learning will take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7:45-9:00 pm.

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Rabbi Motty Lipskier will be giving a shiur between mincha and maariv at Reiyim Ahuvim. Though the topics of these text-based shiurim are connected by a common theme of “Preparing for Shabbos,” each class can be appreciated on its own. Each class is flavored with chassidishe insights and stories.

Beautiful initiatives such as these do more than simply fill potentially ’empty’ hours; indeed, they infuse Crown Heights with an atmosphere of limud Torah and camaraderie.

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