Crown Heights Resident Thanks 71st Precinct

From inbox: A Crown Heights resident expresses his gratitude to the work of the 71st Precinct. Their unprecedented response time, as well as the effectiveness of their appearance, was truly exemplary.

By a Crown Heights resident

I want to publicly thank and acknowledge the 71st Precinct for taking immediate and decisive action this Saturday night. The unprecedented response time as well as the effectiveness of their appearance was truly exemplary.

We live on the most densley populate block in the Jewish section of Crown Heights. This particular block has been plagued by blasting music throughout all hours of the day and night. It has become unbareable to live on the block. From May until October music blasts all day and all night, depriving hundreds of residents of peaceful days, evenings, weekends, and nights.

This is a situation that would not be acceptable by any residential block populated by people striving to lead productive lives. One simply cannot function productively if they could not fall asleep until 430 in the morning because music was blasting outside of their residence. Children cannot sleep, parents cannot rest or work. It is disruptive to unimaginable levels.

Last summer season the 71st Precinct has made numerous long appearances, each of which had a tremendous impact on the lives of hundreds of residents. More than they can ever imagine. Unfortunately, when the police depart, the problem resumes in full swing.

We are deeply grateful for the true effort made by the 71st precinct.

We’re very hopful that the 71st Precinct will find a permanent solution to this very far reaching problem. We encourage anyone with influence, including members of the Community Council, to wield their influence to improve the lives of hundreds of their constituents.

Thank you 71st Precinct. May G-d keep you safe and may G-d bless you.

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