Crown Heights Opens Covid-19 Rehab Center

Crown Heights Hatzalah has created an impressive rehabilitation center to help community members on their journey back to complete health.

By reporter

Every other day we hear, thank G-d, good news of yet another person recovering from Covid-19, and watch videos of his heartwarming welcome home.

But to viewers, what is immediately apparent is the individual’s labored steps as he makes his way into the waiting arms of his family. It’s clear that the virus has taken a heavy toll.

After weeks of being bedridden, and in many cases having used ventilators for prolonged periods, patients need comprehensive rehabilitation is needed to regain the ability to climb stairs, walk assuredly, get into bed safely and resume day-to-day life.

To this end, Crown Heights Hatzala has opened the Crown Heights Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center. The main lunchroom in Lubavitcher Yeshiva has been fitted with exercise and rehabilitation equipment solely for the use of those recovering from Covid-19.

Doctors and therapists will work alongside other specialists in the center which will be open Sunday to Friday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

To make an appointment call: 718 874 1482,
email [email protected] or
visit the website

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