Crown Heights Mother in Desperate Need of Help

A Crown Heights mother with three children under the age of five is suffering from severe trauma and abuse from her childhood. She has gone through a deep depression and recently nearly succeeded in taking her life.

She has tried the typical forms of therapy and healing but they haven’t worked. Her family has been advised that the best option is for her to join an intensive Trauma Rehabilitation Program out of state. She will need to do this program for a minimum of 7 weeks and it is not covered by insurance. The program will require the participation of the family with her husband and children joining her for a segment of the time. The total cost of the program is $50,000 and because of the crucial time sensitivity of the woman’s situation, the funds need to be raised within 72 hours.

Boruch Hashem in this situation, we have the chance to raise money to prevent a tragedy R”L and to be able to send her for the intensive care that she desperately needs. Please give generously and may this be a merit that Hashem bentch those that give with happiness and healthy well-being in their own lives.

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