Crown Heights Leads the Way With Teacher Appreciation

Bnos Chomesh planned an virtual staff appreciation event and set out to find prizes for a online raffle. They did not expect the response they got from the Crown Heights community. 

Look How Crown Heights Appreciates Teachers!

At this point, parents all around the world are beginning to appreciate the incredible work that their children’s teachers do every day. But how do we show it?

Well, Crown Heights… you have outdone yourselves in the Hakaras Hatov department!

On Tuesday evening, Bnos Chomesh Academy held a Staff Appreciation Evening. Realizing that an online event needed to be something spectacular, a few staff members went to work gathering prizes for a virtual Chinese Auction/Raffle.  But they never anticipated the enormity of the reaction of our local vendors.

This wonderful, generous community came up with 35 beautiful prizes for the BCA staff, from pizza and fries (Sauce and Cheese) to a beautiful stroller (Everything but the Baby). 

“I’m so happy to be able to do something for teachers, I want to offer dinner for a teacher and her family!” gushed Mendy Wolf of JMenu.

“My manager isn’t here, but I want to sponsor a gift myself!” said Yossi at Chocolatte.

The BCA staff was surprised and touched to see the array of prizes offered to them by community members, including gifts sponsored by some of the school’s parents.

“It means so much to me to see what the people in the community think about Chinuch!” shared one of the teachers.  “I’m honored to be part of this community,” said another.

The event included a fun game that involved some inspiration shared by staff members, a spinner, a lot of laughs, and everyone walking away with a nice gift. 

Generous sponsors of Auction Prizes were:

1.     Chayenu 1 year subscription sponsored by Chayenu and Itzik Yarmush
2.     Nshei Chabad Newsletter 2 year
3.     Chassidishe Derher 1 year subscription
4.     $50 Jem Living Archive
5.     $25 Sosover Seforim

6.     $50 Rifki’s Petite Treats
7.     $50 JMenu
8.     5 Pies from Kingston Pizza
9.     Perfect Flavors Cookbook sponsored by Naomi Nachman
10.  $25 Chocolatte
11.  $20 Mendy’s
12.   $18 Boeuf and Bun
13.  Pie & Fries from

14.     Personalized Signature Challah Cover from Prestige Embroidery
15.  Silver Cross Jet Stroller from Everything but the Baby
16.   $50
17.  Kids Face Paint Party by @face_paint_by_devory
18.  Yossi and Laibel Book Series sponsored by Dina Rosenfeld

For You
19.  Photo shoot by Rebecca Howard
20.  Makeup by Gittel
21.  Makeup by Rivky Zirkind
22.  2 Personal Fitness sessions with @fitnessbymushka
23.  2 weeks live workout classes with Mushkie Aber
24.  Wash&Set or Hairstyle  by @hairbydaniellechayo
25.  Wash&Set by @hairbychavee
26.  Jupe Dress
27.  $36 at Crown Drugs
28.  Manicure at La Femme

29.  3 Hours Car Rental from Wheels 2 Go
30.  $100 Amazon Voucher sponsored by Families Ezagui, Dalfin and Gorkin
31.  5 pairs of Prive Revaux Sunglasses sponsored by Shloime and Alyson Feldman
32.  $18 at Zakons
33.  Box of Lies Game

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