Crown Heights Community Turns Out for Wedding Parade

Thousands cheered chosson and kallah Berel Lavner and Rivkie Levinson as their wedding parade drove through Crown Heights.

By reporter

The wedding of Berel Lavner and Rivkie Levinson was planned for Thursday night with a large crowd of family and friends.

But with the widespread outbreak of coronavirus and instructions to remain isolated, borders are closed and all family and friends that planned on coming in, had to cancel. So 50 of the Chosson’s friends got together and decided to give Berel and Rivkie the surprise of their life!!

The friends arranged for a convertible and the ‘siyum sefer torah truck’ to wait near the chuppa, and when the chosson and kallah came out, they were pleasantly surprised to see a parade waiting and ready to go.

The parade drove around the entire Crown Heights, giving the entire community a chance to take part in the simcha.

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