Crown Heights Beis Din Requests Communal Tehillim

Monday, Chof Zayin Adar, has been designated as a Yom Tefilla by Rabbonim in Eretz Yisroel. The Beis Din of Crown Heights is urging the community to recite Tehillim at 4 PM.

By reporter

Tomorrow being Chof Zayin Adar, the day the Rebbe suffered his strokes, Rabbonim in Eretz Yisrael have designated the day as a Yom Tefilla.

The Badatz of Crown Heights is requesting that the Crown Heights community recite the yom of Tehillim as it is divided for the week, and give tzedaka at 4 PM.

The following kapitlach should be said in addition to the yom of the week:
20, 22, 69, 118 and 150.

If one finds it difficult to join at that time, they should say it when they can, and may finish after shkiya if they haven’t been able to complete it by then.

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