Critical Renovations Underway in Haditch

Shluchim to Haditch have been taking advantage of this quiet period to renovate the Alter Rebbe’s ohel and most notably, to repair the region’s rough roads.

By reporter

Although visitor activity in Haditch has dropped significantly due to COVID-19, the town’s shluchim have been busier than ever.

Taking advantage of the lull in visitors at the Alter Rebbe’s ohel, shliach Rabbi Shneur Zalman Deitch has been hard at work preparing for the day the virus takes a step back and allows guests once again.

While general renovations in the area are currently underway, extensive improvements in the infrastructure of the ohel itself are also taking place.

Mr. Oleg Singovov, head of the local district, paid a recent visit to the neighborhood, in order to get a closer look at its activities. During the tour, Rabbi Deitch pointed out the rough roads leading to area, emphasizing the trouble they pose to the thousands of visitors who come to the Ohel each year.

Mr Singovov promised to help solve the problem, and lauded the shliach for his tremendous accomplishments in the area. He also voiced his hope that the pandemic end soon and visitors be permitted once again.

Acting upon his word immediately, Mrs Singovov submitted a budget approval to the Haditch municipality, to repair the road from Lochvitsya to Haditch, and work is expected to begin shortly.

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